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  • How to rank at the top of Google for your TOP keywords
  • Learn how SEO will drive growth for your business
  • Get the Killer 3-Step SEO framework that drives SEO results
  • How to know when you've got great SEO
  • Critical SEO Mistakes and Red Flags to avoid
  • The best SEO practices I employ on 100's of websites
  • + more!

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Dear Business Owner & Marketing Professional,


When I speak to other businesses like yours for the first time, they tell me that Google doesn't work for them, or that they're not sure if SEO can really help them grow.


Sometimes they've tried SEO but they haven't had any success - and they're not entirely sure why?


Often, they've spent thousands on substandard SEO services  - which hasn't delivered them any results, improved their rankings or gotten them new customers.


SEO is confusing, the correct information isn't readily available, and sometimes it appears to be a "dark skillset".


But I'm here to tell you now (and with proof), SEO is the best channel for sustained growth - as long as your business has an offering that is "searchable".


Whether you are a product or a services business - SEO is the best strategy as long as your business provides something that your customers will "search for".


Imagine if you were ranking on Page 1 of Google for your product or service.


Ranking organically within Google will drive more leads and sales to you than you've experienced, and they will be free.


You will become "the go to brand" for your product or services - be able to reduce your advertising expenses, and achieve a growing business with multiple employees and a healthy balance sheet.


The trouble with SEO, is that most people, or even agencies, don't know how to do it properly, or at a high-enough proficiency to deliver lasting results.


We do all of our SEO in-house at Marketix, under my direction, many other SEO providers will outsource SEO overseas and so they don't really know, or understand what's really going on "under the hood".


In this SEO Masterclass, I'm going to guide you through exactly what SEO is, how to do great SEO, and how you can leverage the power of amazing SEO to drive incredible growth for your business.


You won't want to miss it!


Best Regards,

Shoaib Mughal


  • Shoaib Mughal, Founder of Marketix

    Shoaib Mughal

    About Your Instructor


    Shoaib Mughal is the Founder & Director of leading Sydney based SEO agency, Marketix, where he is responsible for leading the growth of small and large businesses across Australia & globally.


    Shoaib is passionate about Search Engine Marketing and helping businesses grow with data, driving strong-results and competitive-advantage for businesses with SEO.


    He has previously held Senior Executive and Management Consulting roles in large multinational American corporations (such as Oracle, Gartner, Experian).


    He has advised companies on go-to-market strategy, operations, sales & marketing strategy & execution at board level, in well-known, and premium brands such as:


    Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft, Citrix, Commonwealth Bank, QBE, Hyundai, J.P. Morgan, Woolworths Group, Carnival Cruises, Air New Zealand, Fairfax Digital, Konica Minolta, Talent 2, Yellowfin BI and many more!


    This means that not only does Shoaib know how to help businesses with SEO and drive results for businesses - but is extremely versed on business growth frameworks, and combining business, technology, processes and people to drive results.


100% FREE - Next Class Is Starting NOW! 

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